Getting around Vienna – Sbahn

ubahn and sbahn map of Vienna

I was talking about getting around Vienna in one of previous posts so I will touch only S bahn here.

What is the s bahn? You could translate it as city train, since it connects few of the stations in the city. The travel time is therefore way faster.

And since I needed to come from Bahnhof Meidling to Hauptbanhof (main train station) S1 was just a perfect for that.

But you know what makes me cringe every time I do that? I never know which station is the right one for main train station. For some reason the station is called S├╝dtiroler Platz. I’m not even sure if there is always Hauptbanhof added to the map, but there you go.

Now you know. S├╝dtiroler Platz station it is.

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