What is Oida?

It happened that I was in a van of a friend from Vienna and when stopping at the traffic light I saw a sticker on the street light with the text: “Oida Wien, oida Beč” (Beč is Croatian for Vienna), so I asked him what does Oida mean and his answer was that it’s sort of a multiple meaning word and can mean a lot of things.

When coming to apartment I started to research the word on the internet and found a hilarious video by Ewa Placzynska (Austrian actor that currently lives in Canada and I really hope she’ll make it work).

So basically you don’t even need to learn German 😀

Viennese in one word

Why this blog?

Vienna City

The whole story started some time ago with me wanting to go to Germany for few weeks to visit some relatives. They invited me, but when I sent them the question (via regular mail – you know: envelope, post stamp and stuff. I’m not that old, but email is young :)) their reply came via my grandmother. At that time she said they were surprised why I want to do it so I sort of bailed out of it …

After few years I started to wonder if the reply wasn’t changed with my grandmothers emotions, but the damage was done.

I was still interested in going/working abroad, but couldn’t wrap my head around it, so my idea to work abroad was on hold. Then January 2015 came and I got a message that there will be a startup weekend in Vienna and since I had a friend there that offered me to be in his flat I took the opportunity.

Went to the event and met some interesting people there and we started working together. Unfortunately the project didn’t workout and we had to stop it. We started working on our own projects, but still kept in touch.

I continued to visit Vienna with ideas to work there/cooperate … etc. etc. but nothing …

Started to work on different hardware projects involving microcontrollers (basically one chip computers that can run embedded or small devices). Had some ideas for devices, but nothing came out of it.

And when I almost gave up on hardware I got a message from a friend that I met at the startup weekend if I still work on hardware (and she is from Vienna). Yes, was my answer 🙂

Anyway – we started working together and I am again visiting Vienna quite often.

Some personal things happened in between and I’m now even more inclined to visit Vienna often. And then I have also met some great people there which made me realise I feel more at home in Vienna (can’t say for Austria) then I feel here (at my – current – home).

Started to work on my German again, but that’ll be a long ride. Still… I visit Vienna often and have some insights on how to get around, stuff to do … etc., etc…

So this blog will be basically on the topic – me going around Vienna and surroundings.