Schönbrunn. What it’s good for? Absolutely everything.

Schönbrunn palace

You can read about Schönbrunn basically everywhere. Just put the word Schönbrunn in your favourite search engine and voilà.

So let’s not waste time on things that can be easily found, but rather talk about some other relevant and useful information.

Here are some pointers:

  • it opens at 6.30 in the morning (so if you are an early morning runner, there is a park nearby open 24/7)
  • there are a lot of runners running around it
  • the circle around Schönbrunn flat is around 1k long (give or take few meters)
  • there are drinking fountains available
  • the toilets are open when the park is open and you will have to have 50 cents to use the toilet (urinal is free)
  • visiting Zoo is a day event (although you can leave whenever you want :D)

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