Vienna with kids

Grownup driving an electric bumper car in Prater
Prater … only for children or …

I’ll be talking about activities you can do with your children while visiting Vienna. From obvious ones like Prater to some museums and hopefully some hidden gems.

It will be a mix of info I found and info I know. The idea behind the post is from a twitter friend who asked me where to go in Vienna with smaller children.

Since my kids are a bit older I will try to cover ages from 5 to 18 or something like that. Interests are obviously very different, so just take this post as a reference for interesting ideas what to see in Vienna if you are traveling with kids.

Let’s begin with obvious:


I have covered Prater extensively in one of the previous posts so this one will be brief.

Still one of the spots we visit regularly with kids and just go through different attractions. This time we planed to visit the Prater museum, but unfortunately it’s open only from Friday to Sunday.

Check before you make plans (or just enjoy Prater, as we did :))


As with Prater I have written about he zoo is in Schöhnbrunn post. But there are constantly new things going on there.

Kindermuseum (Children museum)

Most museums in Vienna are situated close to each other. Not all, but most. Anyway – we are talking about children and what better to do than join together museum and children.

I guess this is the idea behind Kidermusem. It is situated in MuseumsQuartier which is an area where you can hangout almost whole day.

They (so Kindermuseum) have different events/exhibitions … so you need to check MQ web page to see what is going on.

My children are a bit older, so we didn’t even tried to go here so no first hand experience here.

Time Travel

We visited this place some time ago via a suggestion from a friend and although there are some things with spoken language (with translation to different non German languages) the highlight for kids was a Time ride film. With some really cool effects.

I will not go into details since I don’t want to spoil the surprise :).

Haus des meeres

I was just passing by this place when I was alone in Vienna and forgot about it when I was with kids, but webpage promises interesting experience.

Pinocchio store

While running around we saw an interesting store called Pinocchio.

You will easily see it from far since there is a puppet of Pinocchio sitting on the bench in front of the store. We didn’t visit the store, so there this is the only info…. oh, and it’s in the center.

Park playgrounds

Tired of all the attractions and running around different buildings?

Just hit the nearest park and there should be a playground somewhere in there.

Hundertwasser house

Depending on the age of your children the exhibition in Hunderwasser museum might be a bit too much for kids (especially if you already visited some museums before this one), but it is at least interesting checking the exterior of the building because … well, Hundertwasser.

Technical museum

This place is not a children museum per se, but it has some nice activities that will appeal to children, while learning something new.

Last remarks

It’s good to know that during Vienna school holidays children up till 15 years have free public transport inside Vienna. Otherwise – buy a ticket, controls are not that rare.

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