Visiting Prater

statues in Prater

One of the “must see” attractions in Vienna is Prater.

There are many attractions in Prater

Not fan of the rollercoaster? No problem, there are other attractions in Prater.

Not fan of the haunted house? No problem, there are other attractions in Prater.

Not fan of the amusement parks? No probl… well, you know where I’m going with it.

Basically – Prater is a spot to visit for everyone and since the entrance is free. What’s not to like. Except if you go there with kids who know how to make you open the wallet. Don’t bring cash, in that case 🙂

Few important infos

  1. getting to Prater means taking the U-bahn to Praterstern. Since U-bahn is my favorit way of transport in Vienna, I’ll stop here. For other means of (public) transport just pay attention to the word Prater.
  2. The entrance to Prater is opened 24 hours/day so I would use it even for running around it, but I’m usually living far away.
  3. Entrance is free, but you have to pay for attractions.
  4. It’s good that you get a map at the entrance, since the info about location of different attractions is sporadic and rare after that.
  5. You can eat, drink and use toilet in Prater (obviously) and (obviously, again) you have to pay for all of that.
  6. Need some more info? Comment below and I’ll look for it.

There are two attractions that are prominent, but I never visited them.

Must do and see attractions

One is Viennese wheel, built in 1897 and is one of the well known attractions in Vienna. There is a newer version of the wheel where you sit in the open and I preferred this option.

But I guess there is a flair to be on the Viennese wheel.

The other is Liliputbahn. Basically a small train driving around Prater and nearby main street. The trip is 4km long and it takes 20 minutes.

What we did

The kids wanted to play with bumper cars so that was the thing we did.

bumper cars in Prater
Bumper cars in Prater

The other one is mini golf, which might not be a really prominent attraction, but I promised kids we’ll play mini golf some day, so what better than play in Prater.

mini golf station in Parter
Mini golf

The stations where a bit used, but it was still fun. Somewhat stressful for kids, since there were some crazy obstacles.

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