Empty Schonbrunn

Since the quarantine restriction of 7 days if you come from abroad was lifted up in Slovenia I popped to Vienna again … woohooo..

So how is Vienna in times of corona? As far as I could tell people are taking it seriously, but with a grain of salt. Protecting mouth and nose, but not being panicky about it.

I have visited two of my favourite bookstores at the Mariahilferstraße – Boox and Thalia. Partially to see if there will be any interesting books for me to buy (again) and partially to see how Vienna is living in the (partial) lockdown.

You can really see how many tourists are usually going around the street since street was half empty. Still a lot of people, but I guess more or less just locals. The impression of emptiness was even more prominent at the Schönbrunn where only few of the locals were walking or running around. No tourists around the palace, but – the employees started to plant flowers, so when the borders are properly opened I’m sure it will be nice to visit the park with all the flowers.

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