Getting around Vienna

This post is mostly about public transport in Vienna, how to get a ticket and what kind of tickets are available.

What you can use?

Obviously – you can get around with a car, bicycle (there are many cycling routes in Vienna, but I still don’t have enough courage to try them – but soon, soon).

New ways of transport

You can also rent an electric scooter (in German but there is a comparison list) or get on a trip on a Seagway).

Public transport

But public transport in Vienna is really good. OK, it’s true that I come from a country where we only have a city bus so I’m always excited when there are many means of transport 🙂

Anyway – there is a subway (called U-Bahn), buses (called … uhm … bus), trams (called Straßenbahn – street train) and also few “speed trains”: local trains in Vienna and you can see their routes on subway maps (called Schnellbahn).

You can also use “regular” trains but only on the stations inside Vienna. Which means – if you have a valid ticket for public transport in Vienna you can buy a train ticket just to the border of the city (money saving tip :)).

What I like

My preferred mean of transport is always U-Bahn: easy, there is a map on every station and wagon and they are fast. But you don’t see much 🙂 and with a app on your phone to help you pick the right bus, you can use a bus. I guess we will use that next time I go to Vienna since I’m bringing kids with me.

How to buy a ticket

You can use an app (you can pay with credit card and even by using Paypal) or buy it on many machines on U-Bahn stations (my preferred way). I will concentrate on buying a ticket just for public transport since you also have a possibility for a combined card called Vienna city card with many other discount options (just check the link if it suits you).

unvalidated one direction ticket

When buying a one ride ticket (meaning one direction) pay attention if it is validated right away (using it now) or you will validate it later (and you can have it in your wallet for later usage).

The validator
Stop and validate your card

You also have a possibility to buy a weekly ticket, but the week doesn’t start from the day you bought the ticket but ALWAYS from Monday to next Monday 9am. So pay attention to this detail.

Weekly ticket
pay attention to dates (12.8.2019 – 18.8.2019)

Public transport and kids

Public transport for a kid who is not attending school yet is free on public transport in Vienna. That makes sense, right?

But what is more interesting is that during school holidays in Vienna, on Sundays and public holidays (2nd and 15th November included) children up to 15 years of age don’t need to pay for a ticket.

And if you wonder – it’s valid for all kids. They don’t need to be from Vienna or even Austria.

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