One of the Wienerwald wanderwegs

Let’s first talk about Wienerwald (eng. Vienna woods). It’s a forest that covers more or less half of lower Austria ) and it’s one of the favourite areas for locals to relax and wander around.

Anyway – I wanted to go for a longer walk somewhere in Vienna (didn’t even know about this route) and local friend decided on this route so what could I do. I just played along 🙂 The plan was to take hiking boots, but since the bag was already full and running shoes were in the bag I’ve decided to use them (and it was ok).

The start was from Klausen-Leopoldsdorf and if you go there from Vienna you need to somehow come to Baden. We went with a train.

In Baden we catched the bus 459 (but you can discuss with the drivers if there is a better one) and stepped of in the village Klausen-Leopoldsdorf.

We had to ask how to get to start so no help here. Sorry.

Basically you need to go to the highest hill (893 m) of the Wienerwald named Schöpfl. There is also a watching tower there, so obviously you need to climb it and enjoy the view.

The weather is sort of clear when we were up, so the view was really nice. No pics though. Had a shit of the mobile, so there 🙁

On our way back we passed or should I say visited (since we turned around then) Leopold Figl observatory which is situated at the Mitterschöpfl.

Then it is just a straight to the Klausen-Leopoldsdorf again, on the bus and of we go to Baden.

Oh, BTW – Baden is a nice small spa town, so you might even enjoy your time there if you are wandering around Austria.

And take care not to go to Baden Baden at least not if you want to come to Klausen-Leopoldsdorf 🙂

I forgot one important thing – the route is marked with a red signs on trees.

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